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Is Your Business in Administrative Overload? In need of a quality Secretarial Service? Could your business use a Virtual Assistant?

ABC Distinquished Documents Plus is a résumé and typing service with skilled professionals committed to producing the best quality services at affordable prices. In addition to resumes, we specialize in transcription, word processing, typing services, database management, and more. To learn more about our services, click here.

Whether you have a special project, typing that isn't getting done, an overload situation or just need virtual or general office services, we will help. By using our virtual services on an as-needed basis, your company should realize a cost saving, with no need to add an extra employee to your payroll. For your convenience we work using our own equipment at our facility.

We don’t require benefits, overtime, vacation or sick pay. We just get the job done quickly, accurately, and confidentially.

Is your resume working for you?
Are you getting interviews?

If not, your resume needs refreshed.
A new employer-focused, personally branded profile will make a difference.

Placing your skills and accomplishments in the visual center of the page to wow the potential employer is critical to the success of your resume.


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ABC Distinguished Documents Plus is located in Massillon, Stark County, Ohio. Barbara Kanney, owner, adheres to the company's mission of providing quality, dependable office support services at competitive, affordable rates to businesses and individuals. Confidentiality and quality are of primary importance and customer satisfaction is always guaranteed.

Can your business benefit from a Virtual Office Assistant?

Would you benefit from a professional resume writing to help you land that perfect job?

Is there just too much going on for you to do it all yourself?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you’ve come to the right place.

ABC Distinguished Documents Plus offers secretarial and resume writing services wherever you are.  We’re based in Akron, Ohio, and work with dozens of businesses and professionals in and around this area, but for Virtual Assistant Writing, Transcription Typing, Freelance Proofreading, Professional Resumes Writing Akron and beyond, this is the place to find that perfect virtual office assistant.

Our Services Include

Virtual Office Assistant Writing

If documentation is bogging you down, or you need someone to help with customer letters, proposals or other forms of business writing, contact us.  We are available on both Yahoo Messenger and AOL Messenger for instant project discussions and consultations.

Our expertise with Microsoft Office products, including Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint means we can help get those projects off your desk and out the door.  Our virtual office assistant writing services are among the most sought after services we provide, and our list of satisfied clients continues to grow.

Transcription Typing

Clients in Akron and beyond look to us for transcription typing for meetings, focus groups, interviews, and video productions. Community groups that need verbatim minutes and organizations that tape their meetings for later transcription appreciate our transcription typing services.  Quotes are available upon request.  Contact us today!

Professional Resume Writing

Akron professionals know us by name and have made us the preferred services for professional resumes writing.  However, our growing list of clients across the country is a testament to our ability to help people present themselves professionally and confidently on paper.  Since a resume only gets 10 or 20 seconds to grab an employer’s attention, it has to have “punch.” Our customers constantly tell us they got more interviews – and that perfect job -- thanks in large part to their resumes we crafted getting their foot in the door.

Freelance Proofreading

There is nothing worse than spending weeks on an important proposal, only to have it riddled with typographical errors or inconsistencies that those closest to it did not see.  An expert pair of “outside eyes” are what’s needed to ensure that everything you do has the most professional impact possible.  Our freelance proofreading services are perfect for businesses small and large and a great way to use your virtual office assistant. 

Contact us today!  We are here to help you get the job done!

Does your résumé

...convey a positive first impression?

...sell your experience, accomplishments, skills and knowledge?

...tell the employer why he/she should hire you?

Barbara has recently upgraded her skills this through a series of E-Summits from the Resume Writing Academy complementing her current vast knowledge of resume writing.

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